Well what do we have here?

Thanks, I thought you'd never ask. My name is Mason James and welcome to Unincorporated, home to all of Castro Valley's clothing needs.

I started Unincorporated because I wanted to share the best brands that I've discovered throughout my years working in the clothing industry with my hometown.

From everyday basics to date night fits, the thoughtfully curated collections will cater to any and all who seek to express themselves through their clothing.

Live Unincorporated.

But wait, why the chicken?

Similar to my company's name, the chicken is an homage to Castro Valley's rich history.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the first mass-production poultry farm was established in the valley and by the 1920s, the town was well on its way to becoming one of the world's leaders of poultry production. At its height, the town housed over 800,000 chickens which was over 300 times the town's human population!

Throughout various folklore, chickens are said to be, "intelligent, hard-working, modest, loyal, patient, goodhearted, and morally upright". These are all values I hope Unincorporated comes to be known for so I couldn't think of a more perfect symbol to represent the brand.